Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs like no other

            We are proud to offer Premium Hot Dogs from Kayem Meats in Chelsea MA, These are natural casing dogs made from all Lean Beef . They are grilled on the flat top & served on a soft, fresh roll with a bag of chips.  

you can add a side order
or our fries to any dog for $1.50
Good Dog”                $6.50
 Natural Casing Dog with your choice of  ketchup, mustard & relish, chopped onion or any other topping you see here.
You tell us how you want it!
“Ripley Dog”                $7.00
 Natural Casing Dog with Chili & Shredded Cheese           
"New Yorker Dog"          $7.00
Natural Casing Dog with Sauerkraut
Spicy Mustard & raw Onions 
LA Street Dog        $7.00
 Natural Casing  Dog with Bacon, Tomatoes,  Cheese, Mayo & Mustard      
Reuben Dog                 $7.00
All Beef Dog with Sauerkraut, shopped swiss cheese & 1000 Island 
“BAJA Dog”                 $7.00
 Fresh Avocado, Chipolte Mayo, and our Corn / Roasted Red Ppepper Relish  
 “Salty Dog”                $7.00
Chopped Bacon, Pickle Slice, and our Olives and peppers Tapenade , drizzled with Yellow Mustard  
Fresh Hand Cut Fries  
We have 3 Sizes  
Side Order with any Burger, Dog or Sandwich  $2
1/2 order  $3.50
Full Order   $5.00
Twice Fried, sprinkled with
Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper
Fat Tomato Grill
York Village, Maine
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